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 The Insults Museum

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PostSubject: The Insults Museum   Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:10 am

I saw once, on a forum, a thread. Until then, no problem.. all normal.. This thread was call the best insults ever. people were posting the insulting IGMs they received.. some very interesting..

If some people REALLY hate you and blackmail you by igms, please post them here so we can all have a good laugh.. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Insults Museum   Thu Mar 08, 2007 12:12 am

i had them on a other speedserver ( dutch one). my whole alliance taked a player with 20 villages down in 15 min..... and then he sended those mails to everyone that has attacked him.... and some others the same...

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PostSubject: Re: The Insults Museum   Thu Mar 08, 2007 3:53 am

I had a new guy attack my 9 cropper
so I sent him a PM with the topic gg and the text at =)

this was before any reinforcements had reached my new village(he stole maybe 1k of each resource)

wickmo2 02/28/07
RE: gg 10:58:17 am
Ok sorry.

I saw that Spartacus was attacking one of my alliance's lower member so I scouted him and farmed you, as you were closer. I will stop now Smile

(and beg for my life heh)
Theodin wrote:


edit: I had full plans to just decimate his army and cata him to the ground o=)
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PostSubject: Re: The Insults Museum   

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The Insults Museum
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